Igor Haidenko

Igor Haidenko was born 11.01.1961 in Khoroshevo, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Igor graduated from the Music & Drama Institute, Kharkiv - piano ( 1985), composition ( 1990).

He completed postgraduate studies in Composition at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

He also studied at the American Conservatory in Fontenblou , France. 

This composer has appeared under various artistic names.

He has composed theatrical music,various musicals, chamber cantatas, music for choirs and symphonic orchestras, choral a cappella and instrumental pieces for different instruments..

His acheivements include winning the best piece for the bandura under the name of Grygory Kytasty, at The 2000 International Laureate Contest, Canada, and The1995 National Laureate Ukraine, under the name of Kosenko.